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Overcoming Postpartum Hair Loss

Oh my god, what happen? Why my hair is falling out? Maybe, this word that was spoken when the first time you had given birth your child is. Such as the first word, a writer opened this article with the word “don’t worry”, the readers must remember it. Because maybe for some woman who the first gives birth postpartum hair loss is the bigger problem because of being able to come down confidence, or there worry because of having been two months or more still falling out, is it normal? If you have this question, this article has to be read in the hope that your problems be able to be done.

Overcoming Postpartum Hair Loss

Overcoming Postpartum Hair Loss

Before I share several points for overcoming your problem, I will show several picture from the postpartum hair loss before and after.

Like these that take place on the woman who had given birth, so long as before giving birth, she has the heavy black hair, when after she gives birth, it looks his hair is very slender and it’s not health. It must take place for the woman after childbirth in the world. A couple of moms who had given birth more than once, usual had not been surprised with what happened to hers. But for the new moms who are the first time she gives birth is, must be surprised with postpartum hair loss. It looks many problems about worry to the new moms, so that I make this article for helping a number of new moms to overcome her problems.

Why is my hair loss after giving birth?Falling out is usual happening for every woman after giving birth. During pregnancy, hair growth is very good due to an increase in the hormone estrogen. Therefore, the hair fells thicker during pregnancy. After childbirth, the amount of estrogen decreases to return normal. The growth phase of the hair was back to normal with a marked loss.The normal cycle of growth hair is differentiated on two phase. The first phase is the growth and the second is having a recess, the phase of the growth is around three years and the phase of having a recess is around three months. This duration is different in everybody. Generally, eighty five until ninety five percent of hair is still in a growth phase.

During the rest period, the hair will be in the hair follicle until it is pushed out by the new hair grows. However, during pregnancy, hormones stimulate hair growth and percentage. Because of giving birth, the hair will be in the rest phase and this hair is going to be pushed out between three months until six months. Some women are back to the normal cycle in six until twelve months after childbirth. So the woman who her hair is loss after giving birth is normal.

My confidence is coming down because of my hair is falling out.Ok, now I am going to share how the confidence is return if your hair still had not been back normally. For some women, the hair is her crown, so don’t be strange if the women did not want her hair loss. Even though for the woman who had given birth, hair loss will take place from six months until twelve months after childbirth. So, how is that?Don’t worry. I am going to share some pointthat you can do for giving back your confidence.

Several ways will come back confidence for the women after childbirth. Perhaps, changing the style your hair will make your confidence back.

The hair loss will make your hair be slender. So, now I am going to share how make your hair have volume.

The first style model is Bob Style

This style model is the old style model which can be used for the people who have slender hair which result from falling out or postpartum hair loss. This style model is also able to be used for every moment. Even though, the clothes which can be used for Bob Style is very good added with Vintage Style.

The second style model is Layer Style

For you who has the slender hair can also use Layer Style is. Your hair which slender is will see more bold and more having volume. With this style, you will see more natural beautiful. And this hair style will lose the messy hair without you must dress up.

The third style mode is Pixie Style

Do you have slender hair which result from hair loss is? Do you want to cut your hair to be shorter? Now you can use Pixie Style for your slender hair. To have cut the hair to be shorter is very good for the women who have the slender hair. This style will see an elegance and sporty. With this model, you will not confuse for choosing the used clothes to attend the moment.

The last style mode is Pony Style

The style hair of the pony can be chosen by the people who have the slender hair. This style can also usea round face and a bit chubby. Additionally, you can make the appropriate fringe characters face you have. You can look up using bangs on your hair.

Perhaps, just those that I can share in this page about several points for coming back your confidence which result from falling out or postpartum hair loss is. But it is only several of the examples, actually, it is still many style models that you can use like as your style.

Moreover, I have several may for postpartum hair loss treatment.

After you have the new style models of your hair, you must look after your hair so that your hair is not back falling out. I have many ways for treatment your hair. To look after the hair is not difficult, must not have much money and it is easy to be done in your home without you have to call stylist.But you have to able to be discipline in the hope that what you want can be done.

Don’t be stress

As long as the woman has given birth and he’s stress, actually this will be most hair is loss. Very recommended for the woman who had given birth is for being not stress. This must be able to control her emotion that will help to stabilize your hormone. And actually you have the new child, for what you are stress by postpartum hair loss, you must be happy because of the new child of you.

Eating more vitamin

Having eaten more vitamins will make postpartum hair loss lessen. Other than that having eaten vitamin can make you stamina back, and will make you be fit more quickly. There are many kinds of vitamins which can make postpartum hair loss lessen and can make your stamina come back, even if we must control the kind of food that we eat in the hope that it is not wrong, because of several of the kind fruits have the result to make the hair is loss more many. Generally, your hair loos is among one hundred or more, with eating more vitamins can lessen fifty percent or most, such as:

Biotin: the flesh, cereals, dry beans.
Omega 3: the salmon fish, cereals, macadamia beans.
Copper: the cereals, dry fruits, vegetables, flesh.
Zinc: the cereals, vegetables, flesh, sea food.
Eating the food that has many vitamins E

It is important for the women who had given birth to eat the food that has many vitamins E. It had been known by many people that vitamin E is very good for the health of hair. So, there isn’t a reason for the new mom or the second childbirth for not eating the food that has many vitamins E.

Eating the food that has many vitamins B12.

Like the vitamin E, also vitamin B12 has many functions for the treatment your hair. Moreover, vitamin E has the function for returning the red blood cells, like the milk, egg, flesh, and the food from a bird. These samples have many vitamins E.

Using the best shampoo and conditioner

Like the vitamins, shampoo and conditioner can lessen falling out your hair, because in the best shampoo and conditioner have many vitamins for your hair that will make your hair more healthy and will make your hair push out by the news hair grows.

Using olive oil

We had known that olive oil has many functionsfor human body, and we are also able to use to repair our hair. Namely, use one tablespoon of olive oil three minutes before washing your hair, smear olive oil from the root hair until the end hair during two or four minutes. After that, wash your hair with shampoo likeusual.

Massage with green tea and celery

Green tea and celery have the best nutrition for the treatment of your hair and push out the new hair. Moreover massage with green tea and celery can make your emotion normally after childbirth like the meditation. Besides that massage is important for the moms after giving birth, a massage is able to give back the emotional to be normally.

Or for the moms who had given birth can do the meditation or do sport after several mounts from childbirth. With the goal for coming back her stamina.

Massage with the mango, yoghurt and yellow egg

Massage with the mango, yoghurt and yellow egg isn’t hard. You must only mix these with using the blender. After it you have to filter until you have the soft fiber from these three materials. If you had done, smear all of your hair with a mixture of the mango, yoghurt and yellow egg like as smooth. Give little massage to your head during ten until fifteen minutes.

Actually, it is still many massages can be done by the moms after childbirth.

Potato juice

A potato juice can quickly make impregnate your hair. In order that we have its function, we only must make this to be the juice. Making the potato juice is not hard, and is not expensive. After it, you can smear your hair like as mask. For having the maximal result, you can add the honey and white egg which you had mixed before. Besides that a potato juice has also many carbohydrates which can make us satiated.

Don’t be harrowed

Perhaps, this point that was forgotten by many women who had given birth makes her hair falling out more many again. Without being considered, the harrow will pull your hair so that your hair is loss. Or you can harrow but you must be slowly when you are harrowing and don’t harrow when your hair is still wet.

Don’t Fasten the hair very strong

Some women usually fastened her hair to be done for making more beauty,excepting that it’s very important to notice how your hair was fastened. The hair which was fastened with very strong will make your root hair attract. This problem is that made your hair fall out.

Those are several of the examples that we can share to the readers for lessening postpartum hair loss and for the treatment your hair in the hope that your hair comes back health.

But for you who don’t have patient enough is, must say how long is my hair falling out? Generally, postpartum hair loss will take place during six until twelve months. But perhaps, there are still to take place more this. Don’t worry it is still normal. Maybe this problem is your growth hormone which has the function for the growth new hair is slow. Or you are not able to control your emotion that made the growth new hair is slow. So, you have to do what I had given for you, like as eating the foods that have many vitamins, protein, various peanuts, cereal is.

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